Sooner or later, almost every person diagnosed with cancer will reach a critical juncture when there's a life-and-death decision to be made; here's that important question to ask yourself: "Should I continue with my regular conventional doctor, or choose an alternative treatment in order to boost my odds for overcoming and surviving cancer?"


Do You Qualify for TAHCT?

Triple Action Home Cancer Treatment, or TAHCT, came into existence during the time I was rushing to save my mother from stage 3 ovarian cancer; she survived not only thanks to TAHCT--I must emphasize very strongly--but also because she was a wonderful cancer patient who obeyed and followed all instructions I had given to her.

(If you haven't yet, read her amazing cancer story.)

Frankly, cancer is no joke, for it requires constant effort to overcome it. And since unfortunately not everyone with cancer can be a "perfect patient," I have to screen you first so that neither you nor I will waste each other's time. Thus, please answer honestly the short questionnaire below:

1. Are you absolutely serious and committed to beat your cancer and recover fully from it?


Strange as it may seem, not everyone diagnosed with cancer is prepared to fight the "disease."

2. Do you believe whole-heartedly in the healing power of alternative remedies, therapies, and treatments?

3. Are you ready to meet TAHCT's minimal 90-day requirement of continuous treatment without constant supervision?


It should go without saying that no decent alternative treatment could even begin healing health conditions and diseases unless the "patient" continues to take recommended dosages long enough for it to work.

4. Are you genuinely a hands-on person who follows all provided instructions to the letter, and can self-administer TAHCT's recommended health products several times daily without the need of encouragement?

5. Because TAHCT does not include its list of recommended health products for treating your cancer, do you understand that it will become your sole responsibility to purchase all health products named in TAHCT so that they will last the whole 90-day period?

6. And, do you understand that since I am no licensed, practicing doctor, all statements on this page and elsewhere on this website were never intended to be taken as professional medical advice?

7. Moreover, do you agree to assume full responsibility for whatever the end result may be with TAHCT?

   Doctor Robert Morse's Cancer Treatment Vs TAHCT

In case you are wondering how TAHCT compares with a similar alternative cancer treatment, I have provided a way for comparing "apples with apples."

First, who is Dr. Robert Morse? He is perhaps the greatest healer of our age. Okay, let's start the comparison:

  • While doctor Morse had successfully cured one of his patients from stomach cancer in a short period of 59 days, TAHCT almost immediately began reducing naturally the size of my mother's ovarian cancer before causing it to disappear completely two or three weeks later.
  • While Dr. Morse charges roughly about $1800.00 to treat most cancers, TAHCT costs much less.
  • While cancer patients must travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to Dr. Robert Morse's clinic in Florida to receive treatment, TAHCT does not require anyone to drive or fly anywhere to start its home cancer treatment program. 

If you have answered a resounding yes to each inquiry in the questionnaire, satisfy all your remaining questions regarding TAHCT on the FAQ page.

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