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     Greatest 10 Cancer Lies Vs Facts 

Since according to AACR, cancer costs in the US are projected to soar past $245 billion by 2030, it ought to be rather radiantly clear why the medical world would be exceedingly motivated to take drastic and seemingly almost scandalous steps to protect its indisputable huge financial stake.

      Adolf Hitler and Big Lie

How did Adolf  Hitler--a virtual nobody at his meteoric rise to power--perform such an inconceivably "magical" feat of exploiting not only the minds of millions of his German people but also the brilliant minds of judges and the ruling elite? Because he was the guy who coined the expression "Big Lie" as a clever propaganda technique that worked stunningly so well in almost hypnotizing and successfully winning the masses over to his side. He once wrote: "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." (

The medical world's "overlords" have been waging secretive psychological warfare by employing continuously for decades varying perverted versions of the "Big Lie" propaganda technique. So, if you keep running across the same misinformation on a particular health problem such as the negative connection between diabetes and milk, now you might start realizing why: the inescapable and truth-corrupting financial factor! It seems that everything disease-related has been compromised and tainted in account of this. After more than 3 decades of practice and refining their trade, these major untiring players who run the medical establishment are accomplished masters in the realm of deception and know precisely how to mislead the masses subtly and cleverly about any disease and its root-causes. They definitely won't allow hundreds of billions of dollars each year slip away!

Clever Trick of Deception #1

They support their governmentally-based (.gov) medical articles with phony research studies that appear extremely genuine in every respect. In fact, you would most probably swear on a towering stack of bibles that they are 100% authentic; I sure did for a very long time until I looked really closely at a twin study on autism. When I realized that the twin study had to be bogus, that there was no way it could be genuine because of the unrealistic and impossibly high incidence of twins being "born" with autism only in one European country, the size of Oregon, I could not help breaking into uncontrollable roars of laughter at the inconceivable!

Clever Trick of Deception #2

They disguise outrageous lies on cancer as mere myths and misconceptions. For example, you may have read the popular myth, "eating sugar causes cancer to grow"; then, the article's author shoots it down immediately with a smart and sharp rebuttal masked as a "fact."

The lists of mostly repetitive cancer myths pop up online via the medical world's vast network of seamless partners in order to achieve two important objectives:

  • To keep us forever in the dark about everything cancer-related.
  • To keep us relying largely on radiotherapy (radiation) and chemotherapy as though they were the only acceptable and "effective" cancer treatments available to patients.

Well, now you know why all these partners are singing basically the same jarring cancer-myth tune.

Are you ready for a refreshing experience as you smash through the thick layers of cancer lies and discover the actual truth for the first time in your life?

Greatest Cancer Lie #1: A Positive Attitude Won't Make A Difference in Treating Cancer

FACT: In reality, a positive attitude, especially expressed in superabundance of cheerfulness through laughter, initiates an irrepressible chain reaction all over the body which promotes both physical and mental health. Laughter is potent in its power to prevent sickness and aid ailing patients in feeling better sooner. Why? Because laughing decreases your body's cortisol and hormone levels. In addition, laughter boosts your immune system since it increases the creation of antibodies in your saliva and bloodstream to ward off parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Interestingly, conventional doctors are now recognizing the power of laughter and recommending laughter therapy to their patients to complement traditional treatments for diseases like cancer. Moreover, some cancer treatment centers have started incorporating laughter therapy sessions as part of a patient's treatment plan in order to foster an optimistic outlook and light-hearted feelings, which contribute towards the healing process. (source: Cancer Treatments Centers of America)

Gastric Cancer Case

A female patient of 88 was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer but refused to undergo traditional cancer treatment (probably in account of all the horror stories she must have heard associated with chemotherapy's awful and agonizing short and long term side effects.) Instead, she chose a different path and began receiving laughter therapy. After 18 continuous months of this type of unconventional therapy, an endoscopy showed that her cancer improved considerably! (source: Nojis T. A case of laughter therapy that helped improve advanced gastric cancer. 2010)

Greatest Cancer Lie #2: Weight Won't Increase Your Cancer Risk

FACT: Both your weight and cancer risk are correlated directly. A 2015 study appearing in the Lancet Oncology revealed that approximately 3.6 percent of all new adult cancer cases in 2012 were weight-related.

Greatest Cancer Lie #3: Skin Cancer is Proving to be More Fatal in People with Darker Complexion

FACT: People with darker skin have a lower incidence of developing skin cancer due to increased epidermis melanin.

Greatest Cancer Lie #4: Diet Can't Help Fight Cancer

FACT: Not true! What you consume daily plays a big unmistakable role in taking you in two drastically different directions: either advancing an already cancer-friendly environment in your body towards an even more toxic level, or working towards lessening the current toxicity and bringing it closer to a healthier state. For example, if you regularly eat red meats during the week, you are unknowingly creating and maintaining the ideal environment where cancer thrives and tumors are far more likely to grow.

Greatest Cancer Lie #5: Cancer is Not a Modern Disease

FACT: Cases of cancer are not as old as you imagine. One of the greatest healers of our time, Robert S. Morse, an accredited Naturopathic physician writes: "The word and condition known as 'cancer' was virtually unknown until humans started playing with vaccines and toxic chemicals." He adds: "Cancer doesn't just suddenly appear. It used to take years to form tumors. However, with the pounds of chemicals and hormones that most people consume each week, tumors can grow within months or even days."

Greatest Cancer Lie #6: Chemotherapy is the Best Weapon Against All Cancers

FACT: With only a pathetically low 47% success rate and chemical agents killing indiscriminately good and bad cells, chemotherapy essentially "tortures" cancer patients with its both short and long term adverse side effects. In addition, patients undergoing chemotherapy may suffer permanent heart or nerve damage, as well as experience fertility issues down the road.

Look at chemotherapy another way: you would fail in a college exam if you received a low 47% test score. Do you really want to rely your life entirely on a cancer treatment with such a meager survival rate?

Doctor Robert Morse writes: "Chemotherapy spreads cancer as it destroys cells and weakens the body. This greatly lowers one's energy level, making one vulnerable to parasites and death."


Don't let medical staff bully you into agreeing to undergo chemotherapy. My mother trusted and blindly obeyed her doctor, and now she's paying the forever high and utterly frustrating price of having diabetes and a thyroid disorder. I believe strongly that chemotherapy caused her to develop both, for she had neither before undergoing this horrible and disgusting treatment.

Greatest Cancer Lie #7: A Cancer Treatment Without Side Effects Doesn't Destroy Cancer Cells

FACT: Usually, a decent alternative cancer treatment does not kill cancer cells but repair and restore them to their former normally functioning status.

Greatest Cancer Lie #8: Increased Dairy Consumption Won't Cause You to Develop Breast Cancer

FACT: In reality, indulging in dairy foods helps to create an acidic environment where tumors could flourish and appear suddenly anywhere. Doctor Robert Morse writes: "After observing thousands of cancer patients, I am convinced that milk and dairy products cause and increase tumor growth and lymphatic congestion. Many congestive (tumor) type cancer, in my opinion, are initially started through the consumption of these types of foods."

By now, the bleak reality should be dawning on you that there's a huge and solid connection between the consumption of dairy foods and everyone developing all sorts of cancers. The cancer experts know quite well that continuous dairy consumption only perpetuates the whole vicious cycle of people being diagnosed with cancer each day, and that's precisely why the above fact is shot down quickly and dismissed as "unsupported."

After getting a frightening cancer diagnosis, many of the new cases of patients feel so overwhelmed about the prospect of dying that they mindlessly rush to their local hospitals to begin the first round of chemotherapy or the first session of radiation therapy; thus, reacting and doing exactly what the "medical overlords" have expected and counted on.

Greatest Cancer Lie #9: You Can't Prevent Cancer

FACT: On the contrary you can certainly stop the growth of cancer just by watching what you put in your mouth. Here's how: if you consume religiously enough energizing and wholesome foods such as organically grown vegetables and fruits each day, they automatically become powerful allies for preventing the onset of cancer.

Greatest Cancer Lie #10: Surgery is Absolutely Required for Removing A Tumor

FACT: No! Surgery is NEVER a must for a tumor removal. Tumors can disappear naturally without surgery. Proof: 3 weeks into my Triple Action Home Cancer Treatment, my mother's tumor began reducing slowly in size until it just vanished completely with constant application and constant adherence to all my instructions. I repeat: surgery is never necessary to remove a tumor.

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