Q: Why do you vigorously vet everyone for TAHCT?

A: To avoid major headaches and to help only those individuals who are genuinely serious about recovering from cancer. I want people who are driven to beat cancer and with a whatever-it-takes attitude.

Q: Is TAHCT safer than radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

A: TAHCT is far safer, causing no side effects.

Q: Can TAHCT cure prostate cancer?

A: Certainly. If you can follow instructions, then TAHCT will treat and then cure your prostate cancer eventually.

Q: Can TAHCT treat breast cancer?

A: Yes and without the intervention of surgery. TAHCT's home cancer treatment will naturally and safely reduce all tumors, and then make them disappear from your breast.

Important Note

There exists a notorious myth that surgery is required in order to remove tumors growing on women's breasts. Obviously, hospitals and doctors want to perpetuate this myth, for surgeries constitute a huge part of the medical establishment's revenue.

Q: How well does TAHCT treat advanced cancers?

A: As stated earlier, if you can follow TAHCT's instructions perfectly, even someone with terminal skin cancer and with only 30 days to live, could still recover completely by applying TAHCT's Accelerated cancer treatment plan and Ninja interventions.

Q: Tell me the truth, can TAHCT really cure the top deadliest cancers such as lung and brain cancer?

A: Certainly. In fact, any cancer, regardless whether it's stage 1 or stage 4 cancer, is curable, that is, if treated continuously with TAHCT's list of recommended health products, until all traces of cancer vanish completely from your body.

Q: How soon will I experience noticeable signs of healing if I take TAHCT's health products, as instructed?

A: The answer will depend on  weighty factors such as the stage of your cancer; someone with stage 1 or stage 2 cancer, logically will recover quicker than a person with stage 4 cancer. Another equally important factor is the degree of a person's motivation; the more motivated the person is, the more likely s/he is to apply the advanced interventions, and thus, experience major healing and get cured sooner than anticipated.

Q: What if I stop taking TAHCT's recommended health products after 60 days?

A: This will depend on the severity of your cancer. For example, 60 days may not be long enough to wipe out stage 4 skin cancer; an additional 30 days of continuous daily dosages may be required.

Q: How would you classify TAHCT?

A: As a safe, painless, chemical-free do-it-yourself home cancer treatment.

Q: What sets TAHCT apart from other similar cancer treatments?

A: After undergoing many significant revisions and upgrades, TAHCT now combines decades' worth of practical wisdom for effectively and aggressively treating all types of cancers. In short, TAHCT was designed so anyone qualifying for TAHCT will experience spectacular healing, especially with Accelerated's advanced treatment plan and Ninja's interventions.

Q: Can you describe TAHCT's cancer treatment programs?

A: It's divided into three sections: 

  • Basic, for treating from stage 1 to stage 2 cancers.
  • Accelerated, for treating from stage 3 to stage 4 cancers.
  • Ninja, provides a list of dietary and nondietary interventions that the most serious "patients" can adopt in order to fight cancer even more aggressively and recover in a shorter time frame.

Q: Could I mix TAHCT's health products with my prescription drugs without having to worry about feeling adverse side effects?

A: Yes. But, for best results, take all prescription drugs separately from TAHCT's recommended health products.

Q: Is it advisable to continue to take any of TAHCT's listed health products beyond the 90-day period?

A: Indeed, especially the products in Basic, for they will also help prevent the recurrence of your cancer.

Q: Why don't you show off TAHCT's latest achievement with past clients by posting several wonderful testimonials?

A: Two main reasons:

  • To protect my clients' privacy.
  • To avoid cheapening my website by resembling a sleazy salesman contriving to make a fast buck.

Q: If I wrote a testimonial and want to share it, where do I send it?

A: Send your unsolicited testimonial to testimonials@cancer-consultant.com. In your email include how you want your name spelled and your explicit permission stated clearly. If I receive enough testimonials, I might be persuaded to reverse my policy and post a few testimonials in the foreseeable future.

Q: You have frequently quoted Dr. Robert Morse throughout one of your articles. What exactly is your connection with him?

A: I quote the world-renowned doctor because he writes insightfully from actual clinical experiences with thousands of past cancer patients. Moreover, his enormous influence on TAHCT's home cancer treatment programs is undeniable. In fact, TAHCT has improved substantially for treating the most advanced cancers, when I incorporated the great healer's powerful cancer-curing principles in Accelerated and Ninja.

Q: What's your chief motivation for fleshing out TAHCT and offering it at your website?

A: Two reasons:

  • To save as many lives as possible. Over a half a million Americans die each year from cancer (cancer.org).
  • To prove to conventional doctors that alternative treatments are not inferior and utterly useless for treating cancer.
How Will You Accomplish the latter?

By establishing a new exciting trend of patients astonishing their regular doctors with unusually fast recoveries from cancer. These doctors shall see my mother's miraculous recovery repeating itself over and over again, proving ultimately alternative treatments' superiority over chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Q: Do you provide any sort of guarantee for TAHCT?

A: Of course: Follow precisely all given instructions and I guarantee TAHCT will begin treating, and then, within weeks, curing your cancer with continuous and faithful application throughout the required 90-day period.

Q: Okay, I'm hooked! How much does TAHCT cost?

A: I am so confident that TAHCT will exceed your expectations that I am allowing all first-time interested, qualifying "patients" to pay my flat nominal $250.00 consultation fee after TAHCT has cured them completely. When you are fully satisfied with TAHCT's amazing healing resulting, only then you pay my consultation fee on the ordering page. How many honest doctors can say that to their cancer patients?

Q: Where do I go from here?

A: To start your healing journey from cancer, visit this link: TAHCT

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