Natural Cancer-Curing Results Shocked Doctor Freeman

Untold True Story of a Cancer Patient's Miraculous Recovery 

One word before I begin telling my mother's cancer story: all cancer treatments are not the same, for some force patients to undergo many unnecessary and painful side effects.

Far back in 2004, as spring started unfolding with successive days of absolutely gorgeous, intensely dark-blue cloudless skies and pleasantly warm and dry Santa Anna winds blowing in a north-eastern direction, thanks to the professional opinion of medical staff, everyone in my family have already written my mother off as good as dead and that she was now living on borrowed time and had only three months to live. Darkness overshadowed my family house with feelings of mournfulness and ominousness dominating thoroughly the atmosphere as though death with a force of a thousand soldiers was marching unstoppably there to knock down the front door. All this time my poor father of 75 was sobbing off and on in his unwaveringly sure belief that his beloved wife was going to die suddenly in the near future.

      Diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

Around this time my younger brother paid me a surprise visit at my condo to communicate the sad news that our mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I remember vividly that day as if it were only yesterday; my brother's set and somber expression which resembles the combined appearance of subtle despair and barely concealed utter hopelessness that is seen on the unnaturally thin and yellowish faces of patients fighting a lost uphill battle against a terminal disease, and his low, fragile, lifeless voice as he conveyed the news to me with distant and gloomy eyes.

After his departure, still processing the horrible, unsettling information and thinking anxiously, "What can I do?", I mentally rolled up my sleeves and turned immediately to my computer screen and started researching the Internet for a safe and natural alternative option for curing my mother's cancer without those infamously terrible chemotherapy side effects. Bear in mind that at the time I knew absolutely nothing about cancer, and far less how to cure it! While I read hastily everything I could find and learned a great deal about cancer in general, I kept scribbling quickly notes on loose, college-ruled notebook paper.

   A New Home Cancer Remedy was Born Out of Desperation

During this 5-day session of intense research I came across various health-related items which seemed very promising for curing cancer the natural way. I chose the top 3 health items from my notes, which became part of my robust Triple Action Home Cancer Treatment. I paid for them and had each health item shipped directly to the home address of my family in Burbank to save time. I called and let my mother know about the orders that were coming for her in the mail. When she received the UPS brown carton packages and phoned me, I instructed her how precisely to take each health product continuously for several weeks to achieve maximum positive results.

Treatment's Fast-Acting Results Astonished Her Doctor

Upon ending her sixth and last round of chemotherapy with all her hair gone and concealing this sad state with a wig, my mother started eagerly on my treatment. She was venturing literally on uncharted territory, for this alternative home treatment for cancer was completely new, unproven, unsupported, and untested.

On her next scheduled routine examination, about 3 or 4 weeks later, to his utmost amazement her doctor, Dr. Richard Freeman saw a major and unmistakable improvement: her tumor had begun shrinking in size. The doctor's initial raw reaction, as if witnessing the unthinkable happening before his amazed eyes, was abundant proof that what was occurring to his patient's cancer was truly unexpected and phenomenal. Then, as she continued with my treatment, all traces of having her cancer were fading away until they just disappeared completely and seemingly magically. Part of her successful recovery was in account of her strict compliance in following all my instructions without objections and without screaming and kicking.

17 years later my mother is not only still alive and cancer-free and unthinkably outliving her late husband but also enjoying life fully.

Prefer Only a Treatment or Cure for Cancer?

Be fully aware that despite mechanism of action, generic name, side effects of cancer drugs such as keytruda, avastin, herceptin, doxorubicin, nivolumab, cyclophosphamade, pembrolizumab, ipimumab, trastuzumab, bevacizumab, sorafenib, cisplatin, esomeprazole, revlimid, opdivo, carboplatin, cetuximab, everolimus, atezolizumab, docetaxel, azacitidine, abiraterone, abraxane, and tacrolimus, these may not be good enough to save you from cancer. Though many of these cancer prescription medications are very potent, they might only delay the "inevitable" and nothing much more.

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